Exhibitors and Artists at Southern Maryland Comic-Con


3rd Eye Comics

Alicia’s Anime

All American Comics

Apothecary Spices

Brett Carreras

Fandata comics

High Tide Games

Hungarian Wand Shop

Farpoint Convention

Vandelay Indsutries

Ram Collectibles

Waking Eyes Comics

Time Warp Comics

+2 Charisma

Shazam Comics and Toys

James Noll

Foundation 4 Heroes



21st Century Sandshark Studios

Art Way Alliance

Bryan Tillman

Charles County Public Library

Franken Cupcake

Gary Cohn

Geek Burning

Gillimurphy Press

Jamison Stone


Keith Juneau


Mazikeen Studios

Miniature Inspirations

RoboPrety Girl

Sam Ellis

Southern Maryland Roller Derby

Viking Con

Visionary Comics

We are all Corrupted

St. Mary’s County Library

Punk Brain Studios

Viva Valentina

Desi Cakes

Stay tuned for more announcements

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